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Land Acknowledgement and Social Justice Statement

Land Acknowledgement

Approved by the Executive Board on 27 July 2023

We live and work on the unceded territories of Alaska Native Peoples. We very much appreciate their past and ongoing stewardship of these lands.


Statement On Racial Justice and Social Equity at UA

Endorsed by Representative Assembly on 30 October 2021

As part of our commitment to enkindle racial justice and social equity within the University of Alaska system, we will speak up when we experience examples of racism or injustice in our meetings and as we conduct our business. This means we can and will interrupt the meeting to draw the issue to one another’s attention. We will do this kindly, with care, and in good faith. This statement is a reminder that we commit to doing this in the service of ending the system of racial oppression that is perpetuated through institutionalized policies and individual bias.


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