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UNAC Committees

Standing Committees:

Our constitution (Article 7) and by-laws (Article 5) explain the charge for each UNAC committee. RA members serve on one or more committees, and we encourage all dues-paying members to join one or more of our committees. Contact your Org VP or the committee chair listed below to express your interest!

Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC)*
Organizing, Membership, and
Communications Committee
Finance, Budget, and Audit Committee
CHAIR, Tim Hinterberger (UAA) Julie Maier (UAF-CTC) CHAIR, Deb Mole (UAA) CHAIR, Kristen Ogilvie (UAA)
Anthony (Tony) Rickard (UAF) Maria Williams (UAA) Kevin Maier (UAS) Nelta Edwards (UAA; UNAC Treasurer)
Jennifer Carroll (UAF) Kevin Berry (UAA) Debu Misra (UAF) Haiwei Chen (UAF)
Debu Misra (UAF) Matthew Cuellar (UAA) Richie Berndt (UAF-CTC)  
Falk Huettmann (UAF) Gokhan Karahan (UAA)    
Legislative Relations Committee
Elections Committee**
Election Appeals Committee
CHAIR, Pete Praetorius (UAA-Mat-Su) CHAIR, Sharon Chamard (UAA) Vacant  
Maria Williams (UAA) Gordon Williams (UAF)    
Art Nash (UAF) Terissia Bell (UAS-Sitka, Extended Sites)    
Gokhan Karahan (UAA) Paulette Schirmer (UAS)    
  Page Brannon (UAA)    

*The CBC assists in the selection of our Negotiation Teams by recruiting nominees and making recommendations to the Executive Board, which makes the final decision on Negotiation Team members. The CBC also assists the Negotiation Team by assessing member priorities and gathering helpful data.

**The Elections Committee oversees all officer and RA elections, CBA ratification votes, Constitution changes, and all other union-related official votes. Members of our Election Committee do not currently hold any elected positions within UNAC.

See UNAC Bylaws for more details of our committees.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Non-Tenure Track Committee Constitution and By-Laws Committee  
CO-CHAIR, Kimberly Pace (UAA) CHAIR, Leah Berman  (UAF)  
CO-CHAIR Rosemaire Alexander-Isett (UAS) Kristen Ogilvie (UAA)  

Robbie Herrick (UAF)

Kathy DiLorenzo (UAS)  
Kristy Menning (UAA) Abel Bult-Ito (UAF, UNAC Secretary)  
Sue Fallon (UAF-IAC)    

Richie Berndt (UAF-CTC)

All United Academics dues paying members should join one or more of our committees--help steer our union's priorities!

Screenshot of Campaign Action Team's UAS sub-committee meeting on Zoom
Members of UNAC's Campaign Action Team met on Zoom to plan a rally at the state capitol building in Juneau during our last round of bargaining.

State Affiliate Union Boards

APEA/AFT Board APEA/AFT EPIC Alaska AFL-CIO Vice Presidents
Seat A:
Jill Dumesnil (UAS)
Seat A:
Anthony (Tony) Rickard (UAF)
Jill Dumesnil (UAS)
Alternate for Seat A:
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Alternate for Seat A:
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Abel Bult-Ito (UAF)
Seat B: Tim Hinterberger (UAA) Seat B: Nelta Edwards (UAA)  
Alternate for Seat B:
Pete Praetorius (UAA)
Alternate for Seat B:
Sharon Chamard (UAA)
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