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Joint Health Care Committee

United Academics, Local 6070, Fairbanks Fire Fighters, Staff Counsel, and University administration participate in a joint health care committee to review health benefits and to investigate, study, and design possible solutions to rising health care costs and other mutual problems. This committee meets at least monthly. 

picture of a sethoscope, a calculator, and a medical bill

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • wellness programs
  • plan design
  • eligibility
  • cost containment
  • number and quality of benefits provided
  • deductibles
  • application of prior years' under and over-collections
  • preferred provider programs
  • competitiveness
  • standardization of benefits
  • promotion & utilization
  • cost
  • enhance benefit options

Mission Statement of the committee: (Approved by committee on 12/15/2006)
The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) combines the creative energies of Unions and Management to explore and develop an in-depth understanding of the University health plan and employee health issues. It makes informed recommendations to the Unions and Management that contribute to improving the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the health plan and to improving the lives of University employees and all plan participants.

More Information:
Your Benefits – UA Human Relations Website
Joint Health Care Committee – UA Human Relations Website

UNAC Representatives to the JHCC

Members Alternate

Jill Dumesnil, UAS

Melanie Arthur, UNAC Contract Manager

Leah Berman, UAF

Abel Bult-Ito, UAF


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