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United Academics-About Us

United Academics (UNAC) is a democratic union composed of nearly 1,100 University of Alaska faculty members and post-doctoral fellows. UNAC is governed by our by-laws and constitution and is led by an Executive Board of seven (7) officers:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • UAA Organizational Vice President
  • UAF Organizational Vice President
  • UAS Organizational Vice President
  • Extended Sites Organizational Vice President

In addition, our Representative Assembly (RA), a group of 24 elected UNAC members plus our officers, sets the policy for our union and approves the annual budget every April. RA members also join at least one UNAC committee:

Our committees are where UNAC leaders determine and implement our union's business. For example, through our committees, we elect new leaders, we determine bargaining priorities, we engage with membership, we communicate with legislators, and we safegaurd member dues through a responsible budget. Our committees' charges are detailed in our Constitution and By-Laws. Our committees are as follows: Legislative Relations, Collective Bargaining Committee, Membership/Organizing/Communications Committee, Budget/Audit/Finance Committee, Elections Committee, and ad hoc committees as determined by the RA.

Dues paying members contribute to every union action through dues contributions and participation in union activities. United Academics would not exist as a union without our dues payers, and all UA workers would be worse off.

We exist as a union to help our members secure better wages and benefits and a safe and positive work environment. We do this through contract negotiations and contract enforcement. The 'we' is UNAC leadership, but leadership depends on rank and file UNAC membership to guide our priorities and to voice support and solidarity when leadership is fighting for wage increases and CBA protections and improvements.

United Academics is separately organized from United Academics-Adjuncts, our sibling union representing University of Alaska faculty teaching 50% or less FTE. While we are separate units, we support fair treatment and equitable pay for adjunct faculty and for every single person working in the UA system.

UNAC is affiliated with the following national and state unions:

These national affiliates provide UNAC with additional resources--staff expertise, bargaining support, technical assistance, monetary grants, and more.

Our purpose is to protect our membership's rights and compensation through collective power. Our dues paying members make every UNAC action, from grievances, arbitrations, and bargaining sessions, to communications and daily member support.


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