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Join United Academics

To become a dues paying UNAC member:

  • Click to open our
  • Complete the form electronically or print it to complete by hand
  • Find your TKL number on your pay stubs, or leave the TKL box blank for UNAC staff to complete
  • Sign and date the form electronically or by hand
  • Scan or photograph hand-completed forms; save electronically signed forms as a pdf
  • Email your completed form to

To submit your completed form:

  • preferred: email it to
  • alternative: mail it to our office (mailing address is on the top left of the form)

Dues payers are the backbone of United Academics.

Our dues paying members participate in and lead UNAC committees; run for leadership seats on our Representative Assembly and officer seats on our Executive Board; and vote in all UNAC leadership elections, CBA ratifications, and constitutional amendments. Dues payers determine UNAC's bargaining priorities and give our union bargaining power and strength to enforce our contract. Dues are 1.05% of your salary, taken out biweekly from your paychecks after your membership form is submitted. No back dues or additional signing fee is charged.


Following is a not inclusive list of benefits everyone enjoys, made possible by our dues payers:

  • Larger salary increases, Faculty Time Off (FTO) cash-in, and higher salary minimums resulting from member-driven negotiations
  • UNAC professional development grants
  • Advice when seeking career advancement
  • Protection of academic freedom and tenure
  • Advocacy and assistance when workplace problems arise
  • Representation during disciplinary meetings
  • Grievance process for resolving violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or Board of Regents policy and regulation
  • A fully staffed union office to answer member concerns and questions, respond to contract issues, file grievances, and maintain clear communications with membership
  • Affiliation with national and state unions (AFT, AAUP, APEA, AK-AFL-CIO) for advice and assistance during turbulent times
Photo showing a sign on an office window that says "I support UNAC. Faculty rock!"

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